Backyard & Front Room? - Really!

Yes! The Tower Garden fits perfectly on a patio, deck or porch. During the winter months, it will continue to provide clean, fresh produce indoors with grow lights.

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Free for Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Growing Up Program

The Juice Plus+ Foundation has created a grant program that allows our representatives to apply for the donation of one Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+® for their local Boys and Girls Club. The Juice Plus+ Foundation has pledged to donate one Tower Garden® to every Boys and Girls Club in North America over the next five years.

"THE ROOFTOP URBAN GARDEN at Step Up on Vine. The prolific aeroponic tower gardens on the roof of Step Up on Vine in Hollywood are managed by the Vocational team. Fresh garden produce from the tower gardens is part of the daily meals served for Step Up on Vine residents. Tenants may also make special arrangements with the Vocational Team to pick up produce for their own residences.

John W., is the first Step Up on Vine resident to become a paid gardener! “Step Up’s Vocational Services program saved my life.” says John. “It gives me something to do, it gives me purpose.” John works in both the aeroponic tower garden and in the janitorial services in Hollywood. "

Tower Gardens Taking Off

Over 200 Tower Gardens have found their home at Chicago O'Hare's airport, providing fresh and clean produce for on-site restaurants and a farmer's market

Whole Foods Market Doubles Up!

Two Tower Gardens display fresh produce at a Whole Foods in Philadelphia