Aligns with S.T.E.M.,

Common Core and

Next Generation Science Standards


To date, over 5,000 Tower Gardens

have been placed in schools. 

In 2014 there were zero!

Stephen Ritz, South Bronx, NY

The Tower Garden is having expected learning outcomes as well as unexpected ones, too.

The CTEC is a unique educational center in heart of Oregon's state capitol, Salem. It is a public-private partnership with the goal to prepare high school students for high-skill, high-wage and high-demand careers while developing the professional skills, technical knowledge, academic foundation and real-world experience to assure their success upon graduation. Six Tower Gardens have been added to their Agriscience program, which will also partner with their Culinary program.

Michigan Schools + Tower Garden = 
Fun Learning!

Six schools in Michigan have integrated Tower Garden learning into their curriculum thanks to four mission-minded moms - Jen, Megan, Audrey and Jen

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Westside Elementary
Houston, GA

Westside Elementary implements a Community Tower Garden!

State University of New York

Named One of Greenest Colleges in U.S. & Canada